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Web Dev + Design since 2000

kolab is a professional web design studio with years of experience specialising in e-commerce and WordPress websites.

Whether you are starting from scratch with a brand new website, or just need a small customisation or implementation. We’re happy to help.

Size doesn't matter

We work with all size businesses, no matter how big or small and are passionate about customer service. We’re only happy when you are. We consider every website more than a job, its a partnership. We want our customers to succeed and are there every step of the way offering advise and info in real terms, not just geek speak.

We practice what we preach

We also run our own e-commerce websites. This helps us keep up to date with modern e-commerce trends and technology. We know how to create successful websites, and how to run them professionally and efficiently. Everything is tested on our own websites before we are confident to offer the same services to our customers.


kolab uses WordPress as the starting block for all our websites and supercharge them with plugins and code customised to each project.

Actually, we’re WordPress fanatics.

Why? Because it powers 39% of the web, from small hobby websites to some of the biggest news sites. Its highly customizable, and SEO friendly. It offers high performance and excellent security. Its easy to use. This is part of what makes WordPress the top pick for over 60 million people worldwide.


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Email miles@kolab.com.au

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